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Haarscheren handmade hair scissors

About me and my passion

Hi, my name is Andrea Herzinger: I am happy to welcome you here and to infect you with my passion.

An idea turned into passion that has been driving me for 18 years. Even in childhood I was fascinated by creative people around me who created and created beautiful and ethereal things with their hands work and tools. Each different and therefore particularly interesting. Individuals who are the sum of their experiences, funky, casual and/or fancy.

Quality doesn't have to be expensive, it has to be special for every single person. A dream to be fulfilled. A longing you go after. Proud of his profession. Creativity that makes everyday life a highlight and makes your customers shine. Beauty in which the eye delights. Daring to make heroes out of us.

What is my passion?

The sparkle in the eyes when the new tool is used for the first time. Someone special deserves something special, too.

Why are our hair scissors made by hand?

Unlike the industrially manufactured product, our hair scissors are made by hand. This has the advantage that with great attention to detail and the highest quality standards, every single hairdresser scissors is unique. 

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