Seat of hair scissors

Basically, the thumb should sit no further than with the first third in the eye of the hair scissors. Pressure points must not be created (rubber or silicone rings can help here).


In order to prevent health problems or should these already persist, to provide relief, it is especially important to find the right hair scissors for every hairdresser. Quickly, a wrong attitude can lead to diseases in the hand, saddle, elbow or shoulder joint. One should already pay attention to the right selection at the start of the profession, because years of malpositions can lead to lasting health damage. 

Size of scissors

A catch rule is that the scissor blade (from the tip to the screw) should correspond to the length of the middle finger. However, in length, what pleases can. 


Not every scissor meets all the requirements. Depending on which technology you want to run with it, the selection of models is all the more important. What should the scissors be able to do? Slicen, graduating, punchlines, stump or dry hair cutting? We help to find the right scissors for you. Please contact us.